Identifying and Marketing to your VIP Customers With a CDP

August 20, 2018

Identifying and Marketing to your VIP Customers With a CDPVIP customers are invaluable to any business; not only do they tend to have the highest lifetime value of any customer segment, but they are the best customers to turn into brand evangelists. 

Providing these customers with the best possible experience when they interact with your brand is imperative, but in order to do so, you must first determine who your VIPs are and how you are going to communicate with them.

Three Steps to Running a VIP Campaign

1. Determine your VIP Segment

This can vary depending on your business model, your sales cycle, and your company’s overall marketing goals. VIP segments can include customers with the highest lifetime value, customers with the highest lifetime value but who have recent purchases, or maybe your highest AOV customers. Once you determine who your VIP segment will be, you can utilize a customer data platform to set your profile parameters and pull your VIP segment for marketing.

2. Set Your Campaign Channels

Now that you have your VIP list, it is time to decide how you will market to them. The best way to determine the appropriate channel is to analyze past campaign performance. Do your VIPs love to open emails? Or do they like special direct mail pieces. Or maybe they are high engagers on social media. With a customer data platform, you are able to go beyond which channels your campaigns performed well on, as these campaigns would have included all customers and might not be indicative of the channels your VIPs respond to. Instead, you can use your CDP segment to see which specific channels your VIP customers frequent and respond to. This analysis is a step the AgilOne customer service team can happily assist on.

3. Solidify Your Offers

Once you have your list and channels in place, the last step is deciding what to provide your VIP customers. Frequent offers include early access to deals and sales (very effective during the holiday season), special promotions for VIPs only, bundles or in-store events. The goal here is to make these customers feel like VIPs without explicitly telling them they are in your VIP segment, so the deal needs to be extra special. If you are unsure what type of offer to run, a great place to start is analyzing which products or specials your VIP segment has responded to best in the past. Again, this analysis can be run on AgilOne’s platform, giving you insight into the exact behavior and habits of those high value customers.

Other Ways to Utilize Your VIP Segments

There are a few other scenarios where determining your VIP customer and flagging them in a CDP can be valuable. The first is for clienteling purposes. If your business model includes a higher price point and a focus on in-store experience, the clienteling app in AgilOne can help you identify when a VIP customer walks into your store and ensure you tailor their experience accordingly. If clients have a need for a clienteling app, the AgilOne implementation team will work with the client to build out a unique clienteling app within the AgilOne platform that is specific to your individual business needs. Once the app is in place, it is able to query the 360 profile using the 360 API in real time, ensuring your sales reps are giving VIP customers the best in-store experience possible.

Alternatively, the 360 API can be triggered in a call center based on the number a customer is calling from. The 360 API will recognize the number from the customer profile and populate their profile for the customer service rep in real time. If the caller is a VIP, that property will be flagged in the profile, letting the customer service rep know they are talking to a high value customer and need to ensure their experience is exceptional.

Setting a VIP profile isn’t just about sending special deals and offers, it is about ensuring your highest value customers are receiving the best experience possible from your brand, nurturing them into brand evangelists and continually increasing their lifetime value. With a CDP like AgilOne, determining and flagging your VIP customers has never been easier, and will provide a huge impact for not only your marketing team but for all teams that are customer facing. If you want to learn more about how AgilOne’s customer service team can help you analyze and build your VIP program, or if you would like a demo of the AgilOne platform, contact us today!