IGIGI, Exclusive Plus Size Clothing Designer Deploys AgilOne Enterprise Edition

July 19, 2013

Exciting News!

Exclusive plus size clothing designer IGIGI has deployed AgilOne’s marketing platform, AgilOne Enterprise Edition, to further engage its customers through relevant, meaningful marketing.

“How?” You May Ask

AgilOne’s unique platform will allow IGIGI to reach its customers in a more personal way by communicating with them based on browsing behavior, purchase history, dress size and personal background.

What’s The Buzz?

Alex Brodsky, CEO of IGIGI, said that he is thrilled to be using AgilOne’s unique predictive marketing technology to power the expansion of their mission to transform the world’s view of beauty through clothing.

To compliment IGIGI’s mission Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne said, “We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers, like IGIGI, with an application that will help them figure out how to delight their customers. Through the use of techniques like data science and machine learning, companies no longer need to resort to ‘batch and blast’ methods to reach their customers.”

A Perfect Match

By empowering themselves with AgilOne’s platform, IGIGI will be presenting the right clothing options for each individual customer at the right time.

AgilOne’s vision is to use advanced technology to restore the intimacy with a customer that we associate with the good old days when shopkeepers knew each and every customer. IGIGI’s vision is to make stylish apparel easily accessible to all beautiful, curvy women and to aid their mission in transforming the world’s parameters of beauty.

These two companies are a match made for each other - IGIGI’s customers will receive exclusive and well-tailored clothing options for each individual at the right time, making their experience with IGIGI even more relevant and enjoyable.

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You can view the full press release here.