In Case You Missed VP Levin's 'Revolution in Marketing' and Big Data Podcast, Highlights

July 16, 2014

In case you missed AgilOne's VP of Marketing Dominique Levin speaking on the new 'revolution in marketing', big data and using algorithms to boost revenue during Crimson Marketing's Moneyball Podcast, here are some highlights:

"...there is a true revolution going on in marketing and that marketers need to be data driven, actually have an opportunity to reconnect with their customers and deliver happiness to each and every customer by using information that they have on each and every customer."


"...we believe that there is some sort of perfect marriage between creative for human intelligence and machine learning that can make things much better." [Click to Tweet]

"...Ultimately a measure of success is how many customers you can get to come back and develop a long-term profitable relationship with your brand." [ Click to Tweet]

"I believe that customer expectations have changed dramatically...I think we really expect brands to know who we are. " [Click to Tweet]

"It turns out that machines and algorithms are actually a lot better at pattern recognition than people ever could be." [ Click to Tweet]
"I think what’s most exciting to that really this predictive marketing will be the norm. We did a survey last year that said over 60% of – and this was in retail e-commerce specifically– over 60% of marketers are still doing one size fits all marketing, meaning that across their channels they’re sending one message to all customers.  And I think even though some want to use data science methodologies that have been around for a long time, they just have not been accessible to every day marketers."
You know you [used to] have to have big in-house data science teams.  You needed to have large, million dollar data warehouse infrastructure to be able to perform some of this analysis, and not just perform it, but actually implement it in more or less real time on a customer by customer basis to make it actionable.  And so, this is really what’s changing, thanks to Cloud technology and thanks to the innovation of companies like AgilOne...Think of us as a data scientist in the Cloud. "

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