Industry luminary Scoble on AgilOne: How to Understand Your Customers on a 360 View

February 12, 2013

Check out this video interview with our CEO Omer Artun and Robert Scoble – a key industry influencer, blogger, and author. He covers all of the big players in Silicon Valley – including Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo! – but he also focuses on the up and comers as well – now including AgilOne!

Take a look at their conversation.You’ll see:

  • Omer’s inspiration for building AgilOne from the ground up
  • How marketing is changing now that consumers are in the driver’s seat with purchases
  • Omer’s background in machine learning and how it inspires our work in predictive analytics
  • How AgilOne allows marketers to take meaningful action to generate revenue

Or, in Scoble’s own words: AgilOne's CEO Omer Artun explains how it uses data management, marketing intelligence and predictive analysis to become a marketer's solution and not just a tool. With its smart features, it provides marketers the ability to pinpoint their campaigns to the customers they really want.

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