Retail Insights We Loved at GrowCommerce

July 28, 2016

7.27.2016 - we enjoyed a full day of insights, best practices, & wonderful peer-to-peer interaction as digital marketing leaders shared their experiences and growth plans. Theme of the day? Find new ways to acquire high value customers, grow store traffic, & e-commerce business.


5 Top Trends We Heard During The Day

1. Make sure you participate in Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, (PokemonGo ;-)) - engage your customers in an entertaining way to help them integrate your brand into their life.


2. Don't just collect customer data, turn it into actionable insights. Look at customer behavior and use technology to predict how to best engage with customers next. Use behavioral data and segments to be more targeted in your marketing across channels.

3. If you have stores, use direct-mail and eCommerce to drive customers into your stores. For in-store promotions, events, etc. you can use proximity & other data to let customers know where their closest or preferred store is. Remember too, customers are on their phones while on their way to the store AND while shopping in-store. Make sure your sales staff is engaging, knowledgeable, and customers can easily see what is in stock.

4. If you haven't yet - Facebook lookalike campaigns are a great way to capture new customers that look like your high value customers. Peter Glenn has had great success here - check out their AgilOne customer case study.

5. Replenishment is not just for health & beauty - from shoes to crayons, people need to replenish! Think outside the box.


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