Intern Insights: Intro to Customer Data Platforms

July 06, 2017


I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past month as an intern at AgilOne, during this time it’s been a full immersion into the world of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). AgilOne leads the CDP market as the only CDP to deliver on all ‘enterprise must-haves’ as recommended by Gartner, and providing unparalleled baseline features.

CDPs and Omni-Channel Marketing

The existence of personalized marketing is no secret: You’re online looking to buy a new pair of headphones, and all of a sudden, the ads on your browser are all of those exact headphones. This kind of rudimentary, cookie-based device gets a marketer from A to B, but with limited reliability or focus - operating on an audience-wide level, rather than an individual customer level. A CDP delivers a more refined approach. It takes you from A to B, and to C, with endless capacity for customization, engagement and overall effectiveness. CDPs allow marketers to fully customize each customer’s experience, encouraging strong and authentic brand/consumer relationships, in turn, helping maximize customer value.

A CDP begins by integrating numerous data sources into one single customer view. This process cleanses, dedupes, stitches and enhances data from both online and offline channels (web browser, phone call, mobile, in-store, mail etc) to provide consolidated, 360-degree customer profiles. The resulting database is a master marketing record; driving highly personalized customer interactions, and is able to syndicate information to MarTech and AdTech tools. Not only this, it also facilitates authentic face-to-face customer experiences. As the platform is accessible to external devices in real-time, AgilOne clients utilize it as cheat-sheet on customers as they come through the door.

Amongst the range of functions on offer, AgilOne’s exceptional predictive analytics tool is a standout. Industry-leading self-learning algorithms are in place to report on any range of criteria you might need, including customer lifetime value, likelihood-to-buy and suggested additional products. The concept behind CDPs as an adaptable, scalable, SaaS-based hub for all customer marketing is really strong; to see some of the tangible results that AgilOne clients are achieving, as well as further reasons to work with AgilOne, see my infographic below:

CDPJemInfo.jpgInterested in a CDP for your business?  Be a hero for your business!

Watch our demo video to see if AgilOne can help you understand your customers, engage with them authentically, and optimize lifetime value

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