Top Highlights from IRCE 2016

June 10, 2016

Did you have as much fun at IRCE Chicago 2016 as we did?


Whether you missed it this year – or are still trying to digest all the great insights – we hope our highlights help!


3 Themes We Heard Everywhere


  • There is a growing realization that apps are not the only solution to invest and create positive mobile experiences for customers
  • There is less focus on the commerce, but more on engagement via mobile a retailer can get through mobile (check out our notes from the Facebook session!)
  • Common understanding that most offline transactions are touched by mobile (like we mention in our mobile infographic here <- learn how top leaders are already leveraging mobile for omni-channel customer experiences) and we love this mobile ebook from Retail Me Not here.

Customer Journey & Single View of The Customer

  • Retailers' #1 priority this year is understanding the overall flow of life-cycle across customers
  • The key strategy they are creating a base with? Understanding personas on the 1:1 customer level and using data patterns to create segments that power automated life-cycle marketing (AgilOne helps you get Single View of your omni-channel customers - learn how here)

Use of video to engage customers

Our Favorite Session: Facebook   


Speaker: Jeremy Lewis, Director of US Ecommerce, Facebook

Why we loved it: He mentioned this example twice - "Take your best jewelry customers or mom shoppers, build a lookalike audience, separate campaigns, and you will see higher return on your ad spend!" This strategy is much more effective - and AgilOne's clients like (their case-study and webinar here) and Peter Glenn are already leveraging this for success!

Key notes:

85% of Fortune 500 from 1955 aren’t around anymore - there used to be 75 year cycle, but now editors estimate that it is a mere 15 and will continue to shrink. The traditional marketing funnel is dead (RIP) - the new trend? Marketing is part science, part art! Top retailers start with the data.

Mobile is at the center of success:

  • 1000 apps are submitted to iOS & Android stores everyday
  • Online sales top store sales on Black Friday weekend 
  • 75% of traffic on that weekend came from mobile
  • 45% of customer journeys include some mobile & customers prefer to consume content through video right now
  • 92% of retail sales still happen in-store but people unlock mobile device 150 times a day (think "engagement!")


Top Question: How do you simplify your marketing strategy & becoming more sophisticated?

Answer: Do a/b tests! For one audience do one ad, for another, do sequencing. Measure the lift. Run this over 2-3 weeks. Best practice: Be very specific about what audience you are targeting and know how you plan to measure success going in!



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*images are taken from the Facebook session slides at IRCE 2016