Is Your Email Marketing Optimized?

April 09, 2013

I’m very excited to share this Email Marketing Scorecard with you, a piece by leading Forrester analyst Shar VanBoskirk. This 15-page report is packed with tips to help you evaluate your email marketing programs and improve your use of email as a marketing optimization tool. The email marketing game is always changing, and Forrester continues to evolve its methodology so you can make your campaigns more effective, incorporating criteria about how easy it is to share email with friends and colleagues, how engaging email is on mobile devices, and how using interactive elements such as video can help.

Forrester’s scorecard helps you evaluate your email marketing program from a business process and a user experience perspective since both dimensions are key and offers recommendations for gauging your program’s performance.

Here are a few highlights. Shar suggests expanding your analytics criteria. Typical analytics criteria includes clicks, opens, and conversions. These are important, but Shar suggests supplementing them with more advanced analytics, creating a framework to determine the business value of email. The report states that “the best practice here is to measure email’s influence on a long-term customer loyalty and profitability.”

You’ll find high level information about topics like governance as well as key marketing topics like segmentation. There are also important down to earth tips such as making sure that the header invites opening. With the volume of email coming in, a tantalizing subject line is more important than ever.

You’ll also find gems like the following: “Successful email marketers combine preference-based segmentation with behavioral data; incorporate advanced email analytics with overall marketing analytics to optimize multichannel campaigns; and leverage long-term, profit-based metrics to benchmark their email programs.”

I found this report thought-provoking and helpful in my own work here at AgilOne and I hope you find it just as valuable.

Forrester Email Marketing Scorecard