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April 14, 2014

Retail tracking tech via Fox News


Like Facebook & Twitter, Google Reportedly Teaming With Data Providers to Track In-Store Sales

Amazing news for all of you retail marketers out there. Google has been reportedly partnering with data providers to track in-store conversion events. Companies like Datalogix and Acxiom will be measuring the offline impact of Google AdWords ads and how customer data gathered in-store during sales. Google has been experimenting with smartphone location data that tracks offline store visits and delivers targeted ads or offers. As we’ve seen before, Google has been testing in-store analytics for quite some time now. We are expected to learn more during a livestream from Google on April 22nd.

Marketers and retailers should be very excited for the news. Facebook and Twitter have already started moving towards a unified consumer experience for online and offline customers. As we’ve talked about before, convenience and consistency are big factors that drive consumers towards eCommerce. With big players like Google, Facebook, and Twitter developing new tools for in-store marketing, we could see retailers improving customer experiences. Read the full article at Marketing Land.

Twitter Rolls Out Real-Time Interactive Notifications on the Web for Replies, Favorites, Retweets, Follows, DMs

Last week Twitter added real-time notifications to accounts users on The new feature will be coming to an account near you over the next few weeks. The real-time notifications will let users know when someone has replied, favorited, retweeted, or have a new follower. Twitter’s new “interactive” notifications will come with an off switch in case you find the pop ups too annoying.

With all the social media tools available to marketing teams, this new set of features still might be very useful for marketers. Real-time notifications will still help marketers react and engaged in a more timely manner. Don’t get too excited yet. These new notifications are only available to users who have received the features. For now, we’re not sure when the roll out will be completed. Read the full article at The Next Web.

Facebook’s Unloved Right-Rail Desktop Ads Finally Get a Facelift

We’ve all seen them before, and many of us have put them there. We’re talking about Facebook ads in the right-hand rail on In the past, those little ads haven’t had the best click-through-rates and they’re aren’t the greatest looking ads either. Facebook plans on making these ads a bit more effective by boosting there size and limiting how many of these ads show up at a time. The ads can now use the same images as we would use for news feed ads, which makes it more convenient and more visual. Users should expect the full roll out starting in late April.

Marketers that are currently having limited success with the right-rail ads should welcome the new roll out of bigger ads. With more visual ads and better targeting, marketers should see better conversion rates. Larger ads are more attractive and harder for users to ignore. This will be helpful for delivering more impactful and engaging ads. Early testing by Facebook has already shown that the new design has seen three times more engagement than the current design. We’ll keep an eye out for the official roll out. Until then, you can read the full article at Ad Age.