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March 31, 2014

It’s been a busy week for major brands like Amazon, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For marketers, this means that new and exciting things are waiting for us in the near future. We’ll be looking forward to new insight tools to help us create and deliver better content, new media services to better serve our ads, and maybe some welcome changes to our beloved social networks. Find out for yourself in this weeks Agil Insider. Enjoy!

LinkedIn Launches Insights Tool to Help Brands Become Better Publishers

As marketers, there are few things in this world that make us happier than our precious marketing data and insights. Well, lucky for us, LinkedIn has been focusing its ad business around content over the past year. With content playing such an integral part of today’s marketing strategies, LinkedIn has created a new tool that will let users gauge the effectiveness of their posts on company pages, groups, and even employee posts. The free tool is currently available to brands with LinkedIn account representatives. As it starts rolling out to more brands over time, we’l be able to see what content is trending, what audience are consuming our content, and which topics work best.

This new tool from LinkedIn is exactly what marketers have been asking for. With the ability to score content, calibrate for targeted audiences, and gain trend insights, we’ll be able to deliver more relevant and helpful content. Although LinkedIn has not announced when these new insight tools will be available to the rest of its users, we should expect more updates over the next few months. Read the full article at Ad Age.

Amazon Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming

With Amazon’s growing media services and original content, they’ve decided that it’s time to offer it up for free. Since Amazon already sells episodes for almost every program on television and hosts content for Netflix, it only makes sense that they would do some streaming of their own. With ad-supported streaming, Amazon can offer up their mountain of content for free to its millions of users. Since Amazon has thrown about $1 billion into content, they’re looking for new ways to leverage it for marketers and advertisers.

We all know that the rise of streaming video has eaten away at TV advertisements. The good news is that marketers and advertisers can now use Amazon’s new streaming service as a more targeted ad-serving platform. Considering the heaps of user data, viewership trends, and content serving systems in place, marketers will have some nice tools for targeting their ads. To learn more about Amazon’s ad-supported streaming service, read the full article at Ad Week.

Twitter is Experimenting with Replacing It’s Sacred Retweet Button with a ‘Share’ Button

Twitter has looked the same for quite some time now, but recently, they’ve been making some changes. Not only have they added more photo upload functionality to their iOS app, but users are reporting that the retweet button has been replaced with a ‘share’ button. The actual process behind the ‘share’ button is no different than the retweet, but the small changes it has been making are showing similarities to Facebook. For most Tweeps, the idea of Twitter becoming more like Facebook is a deal breaker.

For many normal Twitter users this may not be big news, but for marketers and social media managers, this changes how users interact with tweets. Though it is far from crippling to social media strategies, the continued changes to Twitter’s functionality and usability may turn user’s away from the social network. Luckily for us, Twitter has always been attentive to user needs and has been known to reverse changes when users aren’t happy. We’ll just have to see what happens. Read more at The Next Web.

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