[video] lululemon & AgilOne NRF 2017 session: Building genuine customer relationships across channels

February 07, 2017

During NRF 2017, lululemon's EVP Digital, Miguel Almieda, and our Founder & CEO, Dr. Omer Artun, took to the stage to share how lululemon optimizes their customer engagement across sales & community channels by leveraging a clearn, single view of their omni-channel customer data, machine learning analytics, and a cross-channel marketing strategy - powered by AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub.

We thought the insights were so valuable, we whipped up together a quick 3-minute highlight reel on the major increases in engagement and revenue lululemon as see, just by getting a single view of their omni-channel customer and personalizing customer experiences - across all of their channels!

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Looking for more on this session? It was highlighted in Retail Customer Experience and we have some notes for you here:


lululemon's 2016 Goal: Digital Acceleration

  1. Design and nurture a digital ecosystem that amplifies HUMAN experiences, relationships, and connections
  2. They wanted their customer data to be intelligent (machine learning, predictive insights) but also configurable so that they can seamlessly connect online and offline data points
  3. They wanted to know, understand, and engage with customers seamlessly across channels (mobile, store, ecomm, community, GEC, Social, and classes)

IMG_0993.jpgWith AgilOne, they were able to achieve their 2016 goals and are set up for success in 2017. This year, they'll focus on leveraging machine learning via AgilOne to ensure that the new technologies they are introducing are creating more delightful customer experiences. For lululemon, they stress the human element of customer data. It is real humans who market and engage with customers. With their new technology, they can empower their employees to personalize customer experiences in a scalable way.


Interested in leveraging your digital and physical customer data to delight your customers? Customers are interacting with your brand on your site, in your store, through their social platforms, and so much more. Learn how AgilOne can help you combine your customer data sources and leverage machine learning to help you orchestrate highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns. 

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