lululemon Shares Early Success Using AgilOne 6 with Retail TouchPoints

October 10, 2016

If you’ve noticed some silence between now and our last blog post, it’s because we’ve been busy building amazing things for our customers...


Most significantly, we built and launched Version 6 of the AgilOne platform, which now gives marketers:

  • Enterprise-level configurability to meet business needs
  • Increased support for complex data models
  • Real-time data ingestion and APIs
  • Enterprise-grade scalability and performance

In other words, AgilOne is now laser-focused on meeting the needs of omni-channel enterprise marketers, and we are uniquely qualified to do so. Our strengths in bringing together online and offline data as well as ensuring data quality set us apart from others who aim to help marketers increase customer lifetime value.

One of our customer advocates from lululemon, Gregory Themelis, Director of CRM and Guest Insights at lululemon, recently gave an exclusive interview to Retail TouchPoints at, where he explained why lululemon selected AgilOne and how AgilOne is transforming the way lululemon engages with customers. In the interview, Themelis stressed the importance of building authentic relationships with their customers (at lululemon, called “guests”) across all channels. Where lululemon has a solid foundation of creating genuine bonds with guests in their stores and communities with events and other regional activities, AgilOne is now propelling that across all channels.

360.pngIn his interview, Themelis described two ways AgilOne is making this happen:

  • Level of Personalization:                                  "We now have the insights that allow us to create appropriate and authentic messaging" 
  • Seamless Cross-Channel Marketing:              "We are now telling the same story across    all channels.”

With AgilOne’s new release, lululemon is able to take very custom business requirements and definitions, and configure AgilOne to meet those demands right out of the box. This enables lululemon to personalize on a bigger scale. For example, before AgilOne, lululemon was personalizing based on just 30 elements. And right out of the gate with AgilOne, lululemon is now leveraging over 500 elements, which allows them to personalize not just on a segment-based level, but on a 1:1 level too. “AgilOne lets us amplify the authentic relationship between lululemon and our guests,” concluded Themelis in the interview.

If you’d like to learn more about AgilOne 6 and how AgilOne is enabling enterprise brands to more deeply engage with their customers across channels, check out our recently refreshed website, which articulates our new enterprise value prop. You can also download our new datasheet to read more about how AgilOne can benefit your business.