Marketing All Stars: Dallas Predictive Marketing Mavericks

March 02, 2015

Eight of the top 100 retailers are headquartered in Texas

As part of our new series: “Predictive Marketing All Stars,” we’d like to recognize the marketers across the U.S. who are propelling their businesses forward through innovation. What better place to start than Dallas, Texas.

Everyone knows the saying, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Home to 8 out of the top 100 American retail companies, Texas’s retail marketplaces is worth $320 billion alone(1) and the top 50 companies headquartered there represent $1.6 trillion (yes, trillion) in revenue.

While not all marketers are noted as having adopted predictive marketing per se, our selections are based on marketers who are adopting a customer-centric approach to marketing fueled by innovative approaches to understanding and meeting the needs of their customers. Our top 5 Predictive Marketing Mavericks among the retailers who call Texas home are:

1. Lucy Witte
Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing and Media
The Container Store

Making loyalty programs more relevant: The Container Store launched their loyalty program, POP! across their 66 stores and online. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, The Container Store leverages customer interests and past purchases to deliver custom organizing tips (among other things).

2. Ryan Linders
Vice President CRM & Loyalty
Sally Beauty

Making personalization a priority:  I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion on the evolution from mass marketing to personal at eTail West in Palm Springs last month.  While fairly new to Sally Beauty, Ryan spearheaded the loyalty efforts at JCPenney. His message to marketers everywhere: the path to delivering differentiated personalized experiences starts with a clean database leveraged across all aspects of the business, combined with personalization delivered across all channels, not just loyalty programs. We couldn’t agree more, Ryan.

3. Paul Jones
Vice President of Brand and Digital Marketing
Mary Kay

Flipping social advocacy on its head: Unlike other brands seeking to build direct relationships with their customers, Mary Kay has replaced traditional marketing by turning its 3 million sales consultants into evangelists through social media. Jason also believes that Beacons are the future of retail marketing. Watch his interview with Ted Rubin at Brand Innovators, Austin.

4. Jason Allen
VP of Multichannel Strategy

Using data to optimize communication: Gamestop’s PowerUp program has been well recognized in the industry. In a recent AdWeek article, Jason shared that members who up their benefits through a paid Pro membership spend three to four times more than basic members. Even better, paid members who download the mobile app spend 80% more than Pro members who don’t have the app. But what’s more interesting is how GameStop uses their loyalty data and mobile data to optimize how and when it communicates with customers through advertising, push notifications and across channels. Read about it here.

5. Anthony Price
Vice President of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Media & CRM

From old-school to new school: Anthony is credited as bringing circular-based heavyweight, Michaels, into the digital age. As early adopters of SMS and QR codes and unique approaches to building their SMS database, some of the most interesting campaigns Michael’s has run can all be tracked back to Anthony. As a fan of Michael's, end consumer of these campaigns and fellow marketer who has been impressed by Michael's approach to digital, I have to say "hats off to you, Anthony and great job!"

Do you know other marketing all-stars that should be recognized? Tell us about them!