Marketing Mishaps: McDonald's and Lemonhead Reveal The World's Most Terrifying Mascots

May 23, 2014

At AgilOne, we've discussed the idea of having our own adorable mascot. I'm sure many of your companies have either had their own mascots or considered the possibility. Mascots can have a great impact on brand image, loyalty, and overall engagement with our audiences. But what happens when your mascot turns out to be absolutely horrifying? Well, it looks like McDonald's and Lemonhead will have to find out because the internet has been a buzz with their latest endeavors. I'm sure they had the best of intensions. None of which included the haunting of our dreams.

Meet Happy. McDonald's chipper new walking, talking, terrifying Happy Meal.


Happy, who was originally introduced in France in 2009, was unveiled in the U.S. on Monday. He was created to bring "fun and excitement" to kids' meals and be an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating. The intentions are great, but the overall consensus on Twitter is that Happy will probably eat our children.

Now prepare yourselves for Lemonhead. This is Lemonhead Candy Company's new lemon-headed child.


We've been told that their new mascot was meant to attract a younger audience. I'm not sure this is going to work out in their favor. Would you take candy from this horrifying lemon-headed boy? I think not.

Creating a mascot is never an easy thing for a brand to accomplish. Brands need to develop a character that not only resonates personally, but can be visually appealing as well. Properly developed company mascots can help brands create a connection with their audiences that promote loyalty, foster brand relationships, and even evoke emotional responses. McDonald's and Lemonhead are two examples of brands who might want to go back to the drawing board. We want to hear what you marketers think! Vote in our poll or leave us a comment.