“Mobile is the front door to Target”

February 20, 2015

target devices_new

That’s what Jamil Ghani, VP of Enterprise Strategy at Target, said during his keynote, “Defining The New Retail Experience – Stores And Mobile” at eTail West. Target says its putting guests first, sharpening where they’ll win, and delivering on-demand shopping that utilizes mobile to complement in-store shopping.

“Target’s customer has transformed from the soccer mom to the digitally connected family… who will go somewhere else if they don’t find what they need at Target,” said Ghani. 

And with 50% of consumers leaving the store having not found the item they came to buy, they’re focused on what they call brick-and-mobile to help customers discover relevant products, navigate their in-store experience and reduce friction at checkout. Target’s mobile customers visit 4 times more often and spend more than the average Target customer, but it took a cultural transformation within the company to ensure mobile efforts were focused on what the customer wanted and not internal interests.

Ghani’s advice to retailers when defining the right omni-channel experience is to ask themselves:

  • Who is our customer?
  • What do they want/need?
  • And most importantly, “What right do I have to serve those wants and needs?”

View Target’s mobile app portfolio which consists of seven (yes, seven) apps for mobile shopping, discount shoppers, streaming content, pharmacy, wish lists, wedding registry and their spin on QR codes with their “In a Snap” app that allows consumers to shop Target items directly off pages of magazines, catalogs and more.