Retail TouchPoints - "CMO Conversation: Moosejaw's Dan Pingree"

June 30, 2016

 In this Retail TouchPoints Interview, Debbie Hauss chats with Moosejaw's Vice President of Marketing, Dan Pingree. He shares insights into how Moosejaw aligns their IT and Marketing teams in order to provide their customers with unique, personalized, and delightful buying experiences.


BONUS: For deeper insights into Moosejaw's persona based segmentation, data driven marketing, and personalized campaign results, check out their AgilOne case study here!


Our Favorite 5 Highlights From The Interview

"Freely admitting a tendency toward 'dumb' content and marketing, Moosejaw is an entertaining outdoor retailer that doesn't ever take itself too seriously. Case in point, the example below: part of an image from a product page on the site." - Debbie Hauss


Let's see what makes them tick:

1. Moosejaw's Marketing and IT teams sit together in their office - which helps bridge gaps and drive collaboration between teams

2. Dan uses AgilOne to help them better understand their customers on a profile level so that they cans serve them more relevant offers and do targeted A/B testing on their website

3. Their new secret weapon? Persona Marketing - from purchase history, to demographics, to brand or category preferences - all help feed into a more personalized email or site experience. While early in the process, the results so far have been extremely promising. We go in depth in our Moosejaw case study here.

4. Next innovation: Moosejaw virtual reality App!

5. When investing in new technology Dan sits down with the CIO and CEO to discuss priorities and align departments.

Bonus: What is your secret sauce to success when 95% of your skus can be bought for cheaper elsewhere? Loyalty, Mobile, Content, Personalization  -> Dan dives into how each helps their business grow in the full interview here.


We hope you enjoy!



Again, here is the full article - we hope you enjoy! 

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*images from & the Retail TouchPoints article