Next Up: Even More Optimization of Customer Experience

February 08, 2013

We’ve all had marketing optimization tools for years in order to make campaigns better, place more targeted ads, segment lists, etc. What’s different now? The data we can use on our customers and their actions is so much richer.

This is why marketing optimization could be the leading trend for 2013, according to Jeff Cram of Fast Companyin his article, “Will Marketers Make 2013 the Year of Optimization?”

Multivariate testing and personalization will be at the top of list for marketers seeking to improve the customer experience across all touch points. Personalization will become more contextual, local, and relevant than ever. Still, there is a long way to go. Testing has gone on for years, and, according to Adobe’s 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, more than 80% of marketers report that their testing process is either manual or they have no process at all. Jeff Cram calls out a few key areas where positive change is overdue:

Structured processes for testing. Google Content Experiments and other inexpensive tools have made testing easier, but few organizations have developed a culture of continuous improvement. Cram expects that number to increase.

More attention on the end-to-end customer experience. While customer acquisitions are important, mature organizations realize there are deeper marketing optimization opportunities after that first click. Those optimizations are worth spending on (Adobe’s survey called out skewed spending here, with marketers spending $92 on acquisition and only $1 to optimize the customer experience). A focus on customer experience requires using insights from data and coordinating resources outside marketing for improvements across all touchpoints.

Broaden reach of marketing optimization. The testing field will include more business users and fewer internal data heroes or external consultants. That means testing and tools need to be easier for everyone to use. At AgilOne we say “you don’t need a live data scientist (and good luck finding one anyway) – make the technology be your data scientist in the cloud”.

Shared insights. Organizations will seek to improve marketing by inviting more people into the tent – a small uplift in sales is great, but a large uplift in organization-wide learning can mean a huge uplift in sales the next time out.

What do you think of Jeff's prediction that marketing optimization will be the leading trend of 2013? Tell us in the comments below!