Insights from AgilOne's NYC Marketing Leaders Dinner

April 21, 2016

What a fun night!

To all those who joined us for our dinner last night - THANK YOU and we hope you had a great time! For everyone else, here's a sneak peek at what happens at an AgilOne dinner - we'd love to have you join us for our next one!

Hosted by our Founder &  CEO

Dr. Omer Artun

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Over the Culinary Works of Award-Winning Chef

David Bouley...



... top retail leaders joined together to share insights & experiences. After a fun networking happy hour, conversation was led by a panel of our thought leading clients (click on their names to view their LinkedIn profile, and their company to check out their retail website!):




They immediately dove right into providing their insights and, although we won't divulge everything shared, here's a peek:




1. As a data-driven organization, what has been your biggest obstacle to adopting a successful omni-channel marketing approach in the past?  

  • Donna from Ashley Stewart noted that, prior to AgilOne, they had several data silos between different teams in their organization, which they had to break down in order to build a culture that embraces data and analytics.
  • Nate from John Varvatos said one of their biggest challenges was being more data driven & aligned between teams. AgilOne's integrated, clean data set was providing vastly different numbers to what they had been used to when they were looking at simply their digital OR store data - not having the channels integrated. The full view of their omni-channel customers made a big impact to their marketing strategies.
  • Jane from Lilly Pulitzer shared that in the past 5 years, their brand has gone from 90% wholesale/10% direct-to-consumer to the reverse!  They’re constantly trying to catch up with this transition, so up-to-date data is of the utmost importance. They had been dealing with antiquated data until AgilOne gave them more accurate information on everything about their customers - from average spend to their customer’s true age!


2. Which data-driven marketing campaigns have you had a lot of success with?  (VIP program, Product Recommendations, Cross-sell/ Up-sell, Re-targeting, Lapsed customer win back, etc.

  • Nate from John Varvatos and Donna from Ashley Stewart covered how targeting lookalikes on Facebook Custom Audience has paid for AgilOne many times over!
  • Hot Tip: once you know who to send the campaign to, you’re more likely to have a higher conversion rate. Nate from John Varvatos refers to this as “stacking the deck” in your favor.
  • Amy from Donald J Pliner said they significantly cut back on direct mail by only mailing key segments defined by AgilOne’s models, making each campaign more profitable and significantly reducing wasteful spending.
  • Lilly Pulitzer sent 'The Lilly Book' as a VIP direct mail campaign to only their very best customers.  'The Lilly Book' details a different persona for each age generation of Lilly Pulitzer’s customers.


3. Would you be able to share some high-level strategies about your Customer Acquisition and conversion program? (Look a like campaign, segmentations, direct mails, etc) 

  • Across the panel, they highlights how AgilOne enabled a clearer understanding of the characteristics of their best customers (which product attracted them, what source brought them in, etc.) and then used these insights to determine the right acquisition strategy.
  • Amy also mentioned that now that they have a clearer understanding of their customers through a demographic data append (done by AgilOne), they now know who they want to target for acquisition and specifically will be targeting younger consumers in a smarter way with the knowledge they've gained.
  • Key takeaways: understanding the consumer’s entrance into the brand as well as strategies for acquiring/retaining a younger customer base.


4. Lastly, any insights, trends, plans or anything else you would like to share with us? 



We Hope these high level insights intrigued you to conCapture4sider joining us for our next event!

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