Online retailer uses big data to reduce email unsubscribe rate 50%

June 25, 2013

Lumens' Email Frequency and Content Steal the Limelight
(This case study first appeared in Direct Marketing News)

Online lighting and furniture retail began using AgilOne's Email Edition to shine light on its email content strategy, messaging frequency, and customer segmentation.

Sarah Schaale, marketing and communications manager for Lumens, says not being able to differentiate its engaged subscribers from its inactive subscribers prevented the brand from knowing how often it should contact leads and with what content.  Schaale adds that Lumens primarily uses email to communicate with those already familiar with the brand and gives its emails an editorial feel with a wide range of content.

Lumens implemented AgilOne's Email Edition tool approximately one month ago.

After implementing the tool, Lumens started to differentiate email frequency for the built-in customer segments that range from "Enthusiast" to "Sleepy" - basically, it increased email frequency for very engaged subscribers and reduced the frequency for others, in particular for new subscribers.

Sarah reported in Direct Marketing News the following results:

  • 4% (absolute) increase in open rates among its enthusiast subscribers, 
  • 1.2% (absolute) increase among its mainstream subscribers within the first week, and;
  • 50% decrease in unsubscribe rate among new subscribers.

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