Kirsten Powell

Chatbots for Marketers

Chatbots are becoming more and more common for customer online interaction. Learn more about chatbot types, implementation strategy, and how a chatbot can feed in to your AgilOne C...

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Rinat Shimshi

AgilOne Logic Can Vastly Improve Your Gifting Segments

Reminding customers of reasons to purchase a gift is a simple way to increase customer lifetime value and improve engagement. Find out how AgilOne logic can improve your gifting se...

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Sarah McConnell

Webinar Notes: Five Practical Tips for Customer Data Platform Use Cases

With all the buzz around customer data platforms, it can be difficult to evaluate which vendor is the right fit for your business. These webinar notes give business practical tips ...

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Tom Kolich

How Customer Data Platforms Take Web Tagging to the Next Level

AgilOne allows companies to set up unique web tagging and custom event feeds to better track customer behavior and intent. From resource downloads to mobile app events, the custom ...

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Karen Wood

AgilOne and the GDPR

As an organization committed to data privacy and security, AgilOne has taken several measures to assist brands with GDPR compliance. As an enterprise CDP, AgilOne makes it easier f...

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Ryan Willette

Breaking Down Data Silos and the Importance of a Single Customer View

Learn how data silos are killing your marketing, and why enterprise B2C companies need to achieve a single customer view in order to gain a deeper customer understanding and send t...

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