Peter Glenn Outdoors - Case Study

June 17, 2016

"Peter Glenn’s automated marketing campaigns are driving a 30% increase in Average Order Value"

Since 1958, Peter Glenn has been a leader in providing exceptional customer service and the best outdoor equipment available. AgilOne helps Peter Glenn understand and target their customers with marketing offers that resonate. With advanced segmentation, sophisticated analytics, and cross-channel marketing efforts - Peter Glenn is delighting their customers with truly omni-channel experiences. Read the case study here.


Peter Glenn's Challenges For AgilOne

They were looking for a technology that would help them connect their web & in-store customer data to their email data. Desiring a full view of their customers and sophisticated analytics, their goals were to:

  1. Understand omni-channel customer behavior and preferences
  2. Drive customers into stores for promotions and events
  3. Automate triggered, targeted, life-cycle marketing campaigns and re-target lapsed customers


How AgilOne helped

AgilOne helps Peter Glenn easily understand and segment their customers so they can target customers and drive them into store. Peter Glenn has also seen incredible success with re-targeting through social channels like Facebook Lookalike Audiences. They also have been using email, direct-mail, and Facebook to drive traffic into stores for new events and promotions - and more!


Read the full case study below to learn how they were able to drive huge results to help grow their business. We hope you enjoy!


Download the full Case Study here



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