Predictive Analytics Infographic, the 12 Most Powerful Retail Companies in America & What We're Reading This Week

October 02, 2015

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The 12 Most Powerful Retail Companies in America & What We're Reading This Week

An enabler of big data, predictive analytics assists organizations to implement a forward-looking perspective and increase their bottom line. Thanks to the increasing quantities and types of data being collected at steadily reducing costs, it also provides a competitive edge in today’s challenging economic landscape. 83% of B2B users of predictive analytics perceived a significant business impact and compared to non-users show 2.2 times the annual revenue growth of greater than or equal to 10%; 2 times higher market share than competitors; and 2 times the likelihood of exceeding marketing value contribution goals.

Click to see the Business Insider list of the 12 most powerful retail companies in America. They factored together revenue, number of employees, press mentions, and social media influence.You can also read their full methodology here.

Hudson's Bay Co. is reconfiguring its North American operations to cut costs ahead of more spending on technology and stores. The department store chain said this week it plans to unite its e-commerce—what it calls digital—channel with stores on one technology platform. The company did not disclose if the common platform would be developed in-house or purchased from a commercial supplier.

4.  Practical eCommerce:  Holiday Checklist for Ecommerce Operations
We’re fast approaching the time of year that typically accounts for more than 20 percent of annual retail sales. It usually defines whether a company is profitable or not. Communication, organization, and planning between departments will mean the difference between operational success and failure. Execution of your warehouse operations will determine whether you kept your company’s promise to your customers.Your key decisions should have been made months ago, but it’s not too late for a quick check up. What follows is my checklist for efficient holiday ecommerce operations.

Now in its seventh year, the eCommerce Awards for Excellence, in association with Chase Paymentech, the global merchant acquiring business of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., recognises the very best the industry has to offer from groundbreaking innovations and marketing to customer service excellence and revenue growth.
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