Announcing the Predictive Marketing Book

August 25, 2015


In 2006, our CEO, Omer Artun, founded AgilOne to bring the power of big data and predictive analytics to everyday marketers with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, cloud-based software platform. He saw an opportunity to solve a problem that a growing number of companies were struggling with: how to bring a human sensibility back to marketing in a practical and scalable way.

We are excited to announce the launch of his new book, co-authored with Dominique Levin, “Predictive Marketing.” It is a primer for organizations large and small, offering practical tips and actionable strategies for implementing more personalized marketing immediately.


Kicking it off with a panel discussion of industry experts

The Predictive Marketing Book Launch is happening this Wednesday in NYC. Omer will also be hosting a short panel discussion, “How Predictive Marketing is Reimagining the Future of Retail,” with retail experts including James Rhee, CEO at Ashley Stewart and Founder/President at FirePine Group, Jarrad Berman, Head of Digital at INTERMIX, and Julian Chu, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Executive at Castanea Partners, moderated by Retail industry influencer and NRF STORES editor, Susan Reda.

We'll be live-taping the panel as well as the entire event - so if you're interested in seeing the panel, please subscribe to our blog or shoot us an email at to receive a recording.

Your blueprint to personalized marketing

The marketing paradigm is changing, and this book provides a blueprint for navigating the transition from creative- to data-driven marketing, from one-size-fits-all to one-on-one, and from marketing campaigns to real-time customer experiences. Much more than just theory and testament to the power of personalized marketing, this book focuses on action, helping you understand and actually begin using this revolutionary approach to building exceptional customer experiences.

A practical guide for every day marketers

This book is for everyday marketers who want to learn what predictive marketing is all about, as well as for those marketers who are ready to use predictive marketing in their organizations. Whether you are just getting started with your research, or have already begun to implement predictive marketing, you will find many practical tips in this book.

With 9 easy plays to get started

The book shares what marketers at companies large and small should know about predictive marketing. It shows you how to achieve the same large returns as early adopters such as Harrah’s Entertainment, Amazon, and Netflix. It also gives you a practical guidebook to help you get started with this new way of marketing. And above all, the book shares stories from companies small and large, from retail to publishing, to software to manufacturing. All of these marketers have achieved revolutionary returns and so can you.

This book is divided in three main parts. The first part, "A Complete Predictive Marketing Primer,” introduces many of the foundational elements in predictive marketing, including what is happening under the hood of predictive marketing software, how data science and predictive analytics work, and what are fundamentals behind the customer lifetime value concept. The second part of the book, “Nine Easy Plays to Get Started with Predictive Marketing,” is a playbook with concrete strategies to get you started with predictive marketing. The last part of the book, “How to Become a True Predictive Marketing Ninja” gives an overview of predictive marketing technologies, some career advice for marketers and looks at privacy and the future of predictive marketing.

Read the synopsis or preview selected chapters and if you are interested, it’s available August 31 in major bookstores around you and available for pre-order here.

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