Predictive marketing is the key to email revenue and marketing success

July 24, 2013

An email marketer in today’s age must really listen; to his or her customer’s needs to make sure they’re presenting them with the most relevant and engaging content. However, there is a disconnect between how the marketer wants the customer to respond to the content received, and how the customer actually reacts to the content.
Why is there such a disconnect in today’s digital marketing world?

The problem

  • Most email marketers treat every customer somewhat the same way
  • Few measure marketing effectiveness longitudinally across channels

Why can’t Email Marketers solve this problem today?

  • Email Marketing Solutions don’t offer built-in integrations and predictive analytics
  • Email marketers don’t have the resources to build a solution internally
  • There are very few SaaS email optimization solutions integrating with existing email platforms

AgilOne Email Edition offers

  • 5-minute set-up
  • Collect and mine email data to predict propensity of people to engage
  • Segments customers so that they can be acted on and integrate tightly with existing email platforms
  • Enables effective test-measure-optimize

In this webinar Anselme Levan, VP Products at AgilOne discusses

  1. An approach to move from optimizing campaigns to optimizing customer engagement and value.
  2. An overview and demo of the AgilOne Email product.

See some of the slides from the webinar here.

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