How Predictive Marketing Is Shaping Up IT & What We're Reading This Week

October 16, 2015

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How Predictive Marketing Is Shaping Up IT & What We're Reading


The intersection of marketing and IT represents huge opportunities and challenges for organizations. Over the last several years, there has been plenty written about the need for CIOs and CMOs to collaborate and cooperate. Some studies show that up to half of IT buying decisions now originate from the CMO.

What’s interesting is that 62 percent of the survey participants had led the decision making process, with entry-level marketers taking the lead more than half of the time. The data indicates, however, that the decision making process is slow and involves multiple stakeholders. 57 percent said there were up to five people involved, while one-in-10 said there were more than 10 people involved in the martech buying process.


3. Forbes: CMOs Are Missing Trends

Mobile is the first screen…and the second and the third. Yet when it comes to digital marketing, too many CMOs push off mobile as just another screen. But, by prioritizing desktop-based web strategies and not innovating for mobile-first experiences, brands are missing critical new moments to engage customers in ways that are culturally and contextually relevant– and also exclusive to smaller screens.

The rapid advances in the technology landscape and proliferation of digital have taken customers beyond multi-channel to an Omnichannel retail experience. Global retailers that include the likes of Macy’s, Saks and Lowe’s have already moved in this direction enabling customers to shop anytime, anywhere and enjoy consistent and delightful experience.
Omnichannel retail aims at enabling sales initiatives through multiple channels – online, brick and mortar stores, social media, events, mobile, and the usual traditional sales efforts; at the same time creating consistent and uniform customer experience at each sales touch point. The channel operations are connected at the back end to provide the integrated, customer specific information whenever required. The availability of customer information across all channels through regular information sharing enables store representatives and online customers view the same data anytime, anywhere.

In today’s hyper-connected, multi-channel world, turning a lead into a loyal customer has become almost as challenging as turning lead into gold for an alchemist. Fortunately, marketers today actually have all the tools needed to guide their customers’ journey through the sales funnel and maximize their lifetime value.
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