Predictive Marketing News: How Offline & Online Retail Are Changing The Game

April 03, 2015


Amazon has filed a patent application recently that described a store of the future in which shoppers can walk out of a store without paying a cashier, and still get automatically charged for the right stuff. The patent application seemed like an extra juicy find because two of the three inventors have close relationships with CEO Jeff Bezos and are said to be working on a top-secret project. To me, that was a signal that Amazon might seriously be working on the store of the future described in the patent, though Amazon hasn’t responded to requests for comment.

Companies have been throwing money hand over fist into the predictive analytics, data management and business intelligence world over the last few weeks. And while it would be easy to toss all of these under the "Big Data" umbrella, it's more interesting to look at these deals in light of the challenges that each will solve.

Brick-and-mortar stores are in transition from being viewed as a relic of the 20th century to being understood as the linchpin of 21st century omnichannel retailing. In the SPECS session “Reinventing Brick & Mortar Retail,” speaker Nadia Shouraboura, founder and CEO, Hointer Inc., explained just how wide-ranging that transition will be.

In the age of digital media, where consumers are plugged in, tuned out and engaging in high-speed comparison-shopping at the click of a mouse, ecommerce and social media is fresh and exciting while traditional print catalogs are un-responsive, costly and old-school, right? So why are ecomms hopping on the catalog bandwagon at a rapid clip?

Capturing one complete view of the customer journey remains ridden with obstacles, yet it is imperative for success. A recent study reveals weaknesses in data-driven marketing, with just 6% admitting they have access to one view of customer data across their enterprise.

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