Predictive Marketing & What We're Reading This Week

November 20, 2015



Predictive Marketing & What We're Reading This Week

1. eMarketer: Predictive Marketing Will Be Key Piece of Technology Stack (Most aren't using)   Digital marketing has long promised greater effectiveness and efficiency thanks to data, and a host of tools and techniques have been added to the marketing stack to that end. Predictive marketing—a method of extracting information from customer datasets to detect a pattern and, ultimately, predict future outcomes and trends—is quickly becoming important among business-to-business (B2B) marketers. 

Seemingly overnight, predictive analytics has moved from the province of statisticians into the conversations of marketing departments everywhere. And while new to the marketer's toolbox, a report from Forbes Insights indicates that the technology can produce significant results within a handful of years.

3. Marketing Land: AgilOne Tunes Up Its Predictions Of Customer Lifetime Value                      Unlike other marketing platforms that later added data chops, AgilOne began as a predictive customer intelligence platform and then added marketing tools. Today, the Sunnyvale, California-based company is beefing up its predictive powers even more, with the announcement that it is adding the ability of brands to assess which customers could turn into really big spenders — if encouraged.
4. Predictive Analytics WorldMisconceptions About Predictive Analytics                                                          Predictive analytics is often cited as a key business driver for Big Data. It is easy to see how predictive analytics, when done right, can represent a strong competitive advantage for companies. So let’s discuss the common misconceptions about predictive analytics and how to overcome them.
We recently asked our panel of experts from STORES Magazine, Ashley Stewart, Donald J Pliner, and AgilOne on what trends are impacting retail and actionable words of wisdom for marketers & retailers looking to evolve the way they connect with customers.


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