Predictive Marketing News & What We Were Reading This Week: Big Data

June 26, 2015


Big data, machine learning and the future.

1. 1to1 Media: The Enemy of Data Science: Noisy Signals in the Enterprise
The past five years have seen a great evolution in enterprise applications from workflow automation to intelligent applications. The giants of enterprise computing agree that the future is centered on intelligent applications, data science, and analytics.


Successful data-driven marketers are increasingly turning to first-party data to improve customer intelligence and lessening their reliance on third-party data sources, a new report claims.


54 per cent of retailers in Europe and the US still have to consolidate their fraud management solutions across all channels, according to new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting for ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW) and published in a report titled, Managing Fraud in an Omni-Channel World. 


Since the Internet’s infancy, customers have been gaining power and control over the purchasing process. Armed with unprecedented amounts of information and enabled with new digital technologies, they’ve experienced a giddy generation of greater control. For marketers, this changed everything. Instead of calling the shots, they found themselves dodging bullets.



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