Predictive Marketing Product Talk

July 03, 2013

We're excited to share new enhancements to AgilOne that went live in the past month.

Predictive Marketing Product Talk with Anselme LevanOur latest enhancements bring marketers predictive e-mail segments to personalize email frequency, integration with Zendesk to provide personalized service and a new grid widget for the dashboard. All enhancements are available to existing AgilOne Enterprise customers at no additional cost.

If you are interested to learn more about these features, I am doing a live product talk on Thursday July 18 at 10 am Pacific Time. Register here.


Predictive email segments

We released AgilOne Email Edition. With a few simple clicks we connect to your existing email service provider and surface segments of subscribers such as Enthusiasts, Newbies and Sleepy contacts. Now you can optimize email frequency, double engagement and cut opt outs in half.
Read the Lumens case study here.

Zendesk integration

We released integration with Zendesk. You can tag customers with labels such one-time-buyer, women-casual (product preference) and high-lifetime-value right in your service desk application. Customer advocates can now deliver white glove service to VIP customers and upsell customers using individual product recommendations.

Grid widget for dashboard

We continue to improve our dashboard and added a new widget type to the library. You can build, customize and add table based widgets to your personal dashboard. For example, you could add a table that summarizes key customer metrics like order count, item count and total discount amount per month in a single view.

I hope to see you Thursday July 18 at the product talk and get your feedback answer any questions you might have about these features!

- Anselme