Rejoice! The AgilOne Data-Driven Marketing Summit Has Come to Solve All Your Marketing Woes

April 17, 2014

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Data-driven marketers can now rejoice. The AgilOne Data-Driven Marketing Summit happening on May 9th is just around the corner. “What is this wondrous summit you speak of?” you may ask. Well it’s pretty much the only place you can join thousands of industry experts, partners, and sponsors to hear speakers like David Meerman Scott, Rand Fishkin, and Ann Handley share their expertise on data-driven and omni-channel marketing campaigns. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, we have a line up of over 30 other speakers from across the industry.

The Data-Driven Marketing Virtual Summit aims to educate marketers on the latest in quantitative tools and techniques that will help improve the relevancy and performance of your omni-channel marketing campaigns. We've even invited our most strategic partners to sponsor this Data-Driven Marketing event to take the level of though leadership and industry expertise to a whole new level.


Our summit has something for everyone. With our education ‘tracks’, marketers will be able to attend sessions on eCommerce, Email, Mobile, Social Media, Loyalty Management, Data analysis, and Executive sessions. Pick your favorite tracks and let us take you through the speaker sessions that matter most to you. Are you a bit of a rebel? Like to carve your own path? That works for us too. We've designed the summit to give our attendees complete freedom in what sessions to choose and when to watch them.

Busy that day, huh? We understand that the life of a marketer can be hectic. Some of you just won't make it to the summit. You can’t be in two places at once. Which is precisely why all of our speaker sessions and keynotes will be recorded for your on-demand viewing pleasure. So go ahead, find your favorite sessions, grab a pint of ice cream when you get home, and enjoy all that marketing goodness.

Now we know you’re excited, so head over to the official website and register for free.

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