Mobile: AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot

March 09, 2016

Arguably the top digital priority for retailers this year is how they plan to leverage mobile. It has changed the retail game entirely and made understanding customers even more challenging.

As consumers move fluidly from desktop, to their phones, to social, to the store, they have far more power and expectations in how they want brands to interact with them. They want brands that they can integrate into their lives easily.

The below 'AgilOne Retail Trends' snapshot has combined research from Forrester, CMO Council Report, PwC and our own research from our clients (retailers like you!), to give you better insights into consumer behavior, peer performance, industry benchmarks and case studies showcasing best practices for growing customer value through integrating mobile.

This AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot highlights:

  • Top digital priorities for retailers
  • Consumer insights on how they use (and have adopted) mobile as part of their shopping experiences
  • Best practices to leverage mobile and technology in your retail channel
  • How your peers are investing in their mobile technology
  • The benefits of becoming more mobile-centric and where to get started

We hope you enjoy!

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