AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot: Fashion Trends for 2016 - Marketing In Style

January 13, 2016

You hear it everywhere – customers buy from brands, not channels. Retail trends & results show they're interacting with you on the channels they care about and expect you to value their loyalty, know what they like, and deliver relevant experiences.

The below's 'AgilOne Retail Trends' snapshot has combined research from eMarketer, Innovative Retail Technologies and UPS + Comscore, with our own research from our clients (retailers like you!), to give you better insights into consumer behavior, peer performance, industry benchmarks and case studies showcasing best practices for growing customer value.

This AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot highlights:

  • Where customers are researching and buying
  • Key numbers & insights on customers’ preferences, trends and behavior by channel
  • Top tips for your business by channel
  • How peers have adopted single customer profiles
  • Retail benchmarks on key KPIs such as average order value, orders per customer, revenue per customer growth and more
  • Real stories from apparel retailers on their transformation to a customer-centric approach

We hope you enjoy!

Check out the interactive infographic below or download it here.