Sealed With a Kiss Designs creates personalized emails with data science

October 08, 2013

As of today, Sealed with a Kiss Designs, also known as SWAK Designs, a retailer that sells contemporary plus-sized clothing to women, will leverage AgilOne’s data science approach to create effective, personalized marketing campaigns for its shoppers. We are proud to announce that SWAK will be deploying AgilOne Digital Edition, and will now have the ability to evaluate email engagement, browsing behavior and transaction records, and thus, will be able to build more meaningful and profitable customer relations.



With AgilOne’s help in understanding and targeting each individual customer, SWAK Designs is aiming, among other things, to convert more one-time buyers into repeat buyers and to revive sleepy buyers (sleeping meaning buyers who have bought once and then never returned to their site). For example, AgilOne Digital Edition automatically segments email users into groups based on their level of engagement so that SWAK Designs can easily customize the content and frequency of emails that get sent to shoppers. With buyer segmenting in place, SWAK Designs can increase customer engagement, email conversions and cut email opt-out rates by as much as 50 percent.

“We believe that fashion should be fun and accessible for everyone, and AgilOne will help us to better execute upon that vision,” said Brad Capo, founder and CEO of SWAK Designs. “By engaging in more effective targeting, we hope to make it easier for our customers to find exactly what they are looking for when they want it.”

AgilOne CEO, Omer Artun, said, “Through data science, AgilOne will enable SWAK Designs to anticipate a buyer’s next behavior and better serve that need. Better predictions lead to pleased customers and greater profits. We are very excited to embark on this journey with SWAK Designs, and through their technology investment, they will gain customers for life.”

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