11 Creative Retailers Who Nailed Their April Fools Campaigns

April 02, 2014

We all know that April Fools is one of the best days of the year for marketing teams, especially if they've got a great idea up their sleeves. As more companies jump onto the band wagon each year, we've noticed that some retailers nailed the delivery in terms of fun, memorable, and lovable April Fools Campaigns. Historically, when it comes to top contenders for best April Fools hoaxes, tech companies tend to take home the belt. This year, however, retailers brought their 'A' game. Let's take a look at some of our favorite April Fools campaigns from some of our favorite retailers.


The apparel company makes a big move in wearable tech with their new TechStyle clothing line that connects stylish customers with a crazy artificial intelligence.


The HTC Gluuv brings the awesome power of the mobile phone and packs it into the ultimate glove for tech lovers.

HTC Gluuv



They've gone ahead and launched the Adult Adult Undergarment. It'll keep the sparks flying no matter the age.

April Fools 2014 Betabrand



There is no better way to get your new Ninja Turtles Lego set than by live turtle delivery.



Sam Adams

Introducing the worlds first helium-carbonated beer, HeliYum.



Chester the Cheetah releases his very own fragrance, Cheeteau.



The electronics brand has figured out how you can power your own gadgets. Introducing Sony Power Food.


Caribou Coffee

They've invented the worlds first clear coffee. Say hello to Caribou Clear.




Their new mobile app update let's users auto identify make up and even trim their beards with the new shaving attachment.




Cafepress introduces Cafepredict with the help of NASA to track, create, and ship you items before you even order them.

cafepress april fools

Did you see some other retailers who nailed their April Fools campaigns? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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