AgilOne Customer Shazam Reaches 100 Million Users

August 22, 2014

Congratulations to Shazam for reaching such a huge milestone of 100 million active monthly users! Shazam has been one of our wonderful customers since 2011, when they had roughly 23 million users, and it’s beyond exciting to see them doing so well. We are honored to have worked with Shazam to help them achieve success. From 23 million to 100 million active users, AgilOne's predictive analytics, daily data augmentation & data cleansing processes have kept pace with Shazam's growth and expansion. We are honored to have been a part of reaching users and spreading the "magic." 


Since their early beginnings in 2002 as the “2580” phone number that let users quickly identify a song by holding up their phone to the music, Shazam has been delighting users with their ability to identify music within seconds. Now as a mobile app they can not only identify the song but also give you lyrics, artist biography, concert tickets and more in an instant. They’ve been using this magic to delight customers more than 15 million times per day.

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“Shazam has been downloaded onto more than 500 million mobile devices, exceeds 100 million monthly active users, and is growing by over 13 million new users each month," stated the company's press release. 

Shazam now drives over 7 percent of global downloaded music sales, tripled their presence in tent pole events like the Super Bowl and the Grammys, and now reach over 30 percent of US Shazamers on TV where more than 500 current commercials are Shazamable. Shazam is continuously expanding the realms of what is Shazamable and are expanding their advertising into many verticals.

A large part of Shazam's success is their ability to reach customers, cater to their music preferences and alert them when a relevant event is in their vicinity. With so many customers it is important that this information is automated, augmented and cleansed daily.

We know a lot of hard work (and coffee) goes into building something so magical and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and passion of their team.


It's been great working with you all. We’re glad that we could be a part of this amazing journey.