2016 Can't Miss Sessions

September 23, 2016

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5 Sessions That Caught Our Eye



1. Tuesday 1:45–2:30pm | Level 3, Room D4 | Doing Well By Doing Good – How to Build Trust and Win the Modern Customer

Almost every retailer has socially responsible business practices that they can highlight to drive sales and attract millennials (both workforce and customers). Join our panel of retailers as they discuss the benefits of tying good business to doing good in the world. Learn to: Drive strong financial returns while having a positive social and environmental impact. Leverage and optimize relationships among all of your stakeholders in order to drive sales and create shared value. Educate and inspire customers in order to build brand loyalty and advocacy.


2. Tuesday 1:45–2:30pm | Level 2, Room C1-2 | Search: The New & the Now for 2016

Search engine marketing is a powerful channel that has been around since the beginning of e-commerce. But is it evolving? Learn to: Leverage recent search innovations in ad formats. Target audiences. Optimize the latest in measurement capabilities and mobile to drive sales and engagement.

3. Tuesday 3:15–4:00pm | EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage | Embracing Imperfection: When Good Enough is the Perfect Solution

Steve Weiskircher, CIO, ThinkGeek

Learn to: Move ahead quickly by making decisions earlier. Put together teams that are nimble and unencumbered. Save time and money by learning to embrace "failing fast."


4. Tuesday 3:30–4:15pm | Level 2, Room C4 | Ulta Beauty’s Unconventional Growth Story: Omnichannel Expansion is a Beautiful Thing

  • Pat OgawaManaging Director, Deloitte Digital
  • Jeff HammSenior Director, e-Commerce, Ulta Beauty

In a beauty market that is big and booming, America's largest specialty beauty retailer is breaking barriers and experiencing strong growth by keeping its guests at the center of all it does. While traditionally businesses have been pegging their growth strategy either on the physical or the digital, Ulta Beauty has used its own blended approach to enhance the guest experience and make it more convenient, rewarding and fun. Discover the challenges that Ulta Beauty has experienced along the way -- and learn about the approaches, including digital, that Ulta Beauty is implementing to continue along its powerful trajectory.


5. Wednesday 2:00–3:00pm | Level 2, Room C4 | Customer Journey Mapping

Learn to: Assemble the right team for a journey mapping effort. Understand customer and staff experience through effective, time-efficient, collaborative research techniques. Build & socialize a journey map throughout a retail organization.



Monday 8:55 –9:40am | Level 3, Room D4 | "Let's Change Everything!"

Charlie ColeChief, Digital Officer and VP, TUMI

Being the new kid is tough, but it also presents opportunities. On the first day, you have little or no data to work with. You may have been influenced by external marketing, a store experience, or even how the brand treated you in the past. But you also have a distinct advantage over every other person at that company: for better or worse, you’re not jaded.
Charlie Cole was faced with this same challenge/opportunity upon entering Tumi. How do you take advantage of it? What do you do? What do you need to learn? Who do you need to talk to? How quickly can you change things? What should you change? This new employee process can be and SHOULD be run on an annual basis, no matter of how long you’ve been at a company. Come learn how.


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*Cover photo courtesy of Marketing Cloud