The Future of Omni-channel Retail & What We're Reading This Week

March 04, 2016

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The Future of Omni-channel Retail & What We're Reading This Week


1. Mobile Commerce Daily: Williams-Sonoma exec, "Buy buttons will transform the omnichannel experience"
During the panel discussion [at eTail West 2016 in Palm Springs], “Here’s How To Create Your Cross-Channel Retail Future,” executives from Williams-Sonoma, Office Depot,, Walgreens and AgilOne discussed how loyalty and personalization play critical roles in bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Mobile also commands an indisputably large role, especially due to new technologies such as buy buttons that enable consumers to make purchases with the tap of a button.

2. eMarketer: Unified View Helps Execs Predict Customer Needs
According to an October 2015 survey from Forbes Insights and SAS research, 63% of executives worldwide said so. Improving customer experience and service was another benefit to achieving a more complete view of a consumer, according to 60% of respondents. These insights and more!

3. Wall Street JournalAverage Tenure Among Chief Marketing Officers Slips
According to the firm’s annual study of CMOs from 100 of the top U.S. ad spenders, the average tenure for marketing chiefs fell to 44 months as of 2015, down from 48 months in the prior year. Spencer Stuart also found that nearly a third of the study’s CMOs were new to their job in 2015. Where this trend is coming from and the impacts it has on various industries here.

According to David Raab, principal analyst for Raab Associates, 2015 was the year when predictive analytics in the marketing sector took off, with at least $242 million in new funding for startups that pioneer this technology, compared with $376 million in all prior years combined. Companies will continue to refine their predictive analytics capabilities to ensure they're reaching the right people with the right message, and using funds effectively. By understanding and embracing the principles behind predictive analytics now, you can apply these concepts and strategies to your current marketing, sales, or content creation efforts in various ways, depending on your needs and your budget.

5. Venture Beat: How mobile apps “ate” brick and mortar retail — and what needs to happen next
The movement from “e-commerce” to “m-commerce”, and then from shopping in mobile browsers to shopping in mobile apps, happened so abruptly that many retailers are still coming to terms with the new normal. Pundits have been pontificating for at least a decade about what form the inevitable surge in mobile-based retail commerce would take, and it turns out that it wasn’t that location-based “coupon from Starbucks” that we were promised for so many years.

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