The top 5 most welcoming welcome emails

September 11, 2013

A welcome email can lay the path for a customer’s lifecycle value. That said; it’s very important to – one - have a welcome email if you are a retailer of any kind, and two – to make sure it’s appealing to your audience (in many different ways).  I’ve take the top 5 welcome emails that I have received in the past year and shared my thoughts on why I think they are golden and what little things can be improved to make a big impact.

Endless possibilities

When you think of MAC Cosmetics, the professional makeup artist quality cosmetics, you usually just think – makeup. And although yes, they do have tons of makeup, they have many other things to offer too - video tutorials, events, non-makeup products, etc. I signed up for MAC’s marketing emails in the hopes of a nice discount for the foundation I buy every three months or so. I was welcomed to their subscriber list with a beautifully crafted email that opened my eyes to all the other products and events that MAC has to offer and that I had no idea about. Genius. I’m sure the marketers at MAC know that 90% of the population only associate them with makeup, and although that is correct, many might not know about everything else they have to offer. So they created a welcome email for one track mind makeup lovers, like me) that highlights the other things they have to offer aside from makeup. I’m impressed with MAC’s tactful and smart way to upsell their customers and create even more brand loyalty throughout.

mac beautiful

It's raining discounts!

We all expect it. Don’t deny it. The perk of willingly giving your email address to an online retailer usually means you’ll receive some sort of little “thank you” for signing up for their marketing emails. This could be anything from a massive discount to free shipping on your first purchase. This welcome email by GAP Inc. hits it right out of the park  by not only offering a 25% discount in stores and online on your first purchase, but it also takes a minute to remind you that if you continue shopping with them, they offer everyday free shipping on orders over $50. Basically, with this email, they have given you a sneak peek of all the fabulous and wonderful discounts and perks to come. In addition, this email boldly asks you as a customer to tell them what it is that you like, so that they may tailor personalized offers to you. Smart. Very smart.  I bet GAP could greatly benefit from using AgilOne’s predictive marketing platform to segment their email campaigns based on personal preferences data they collect. Just a thought.

power of good discount gap

The power of thank you

This email from Steve Madden, the women’s’ shoes and accessory retailer, is especially close to my heart. Not only do I love Steve Madden, I highly value a “thank you” at any time, especially when you don’t expect it. With welcome emails you usually get a “thank you” thrown in there, but it’s usually not the center of attention. The discount, the free shipping or the endless product possibilities are usually the main highlight of the welcome email. In this welcome email below by Steve Madden your eyes are instantly drawn to the to the big letters saying “thank you” in the right column. It makes me feel as though I’m truly valued by them. I’m suddenly hit by the warm and fuzzy feeling of being loved. I already love Steve Madden but I instantly love them more - making me want to support them more. And by that I mean – buy more from them. Oh, and what’s that I see? A classy and subtle 10% off and a code for free shipping? Mission accomplished, Steve. I love your company even more and consequentially I will most likely buy more. What would really get me is if they could tailor the picture on the left side column to reflect the type of shoes that I have browsed in the past. That would be killer. AgilOne’s platform could help determine each individual’s personal preferences in shoes. That would be money!

thanking steve madden

Smart and sassy

Piperlime, a spin-off of Gap Inc. retail company offering trends in apparel, shoes and accessories, is always a burst of fresh color in my inbox. Always beautifully crafted, color coordinated and overall awesome products, I’m always looking forward to their emails.  This welcome email in particular caught my eye because aside from the flawless use of color and style, they threw in a sassy subject line. Take a moment and check it out.

title - content pipeline

Most welcome emails’ subject lines include the discount amount, their free shipping offer, and the basic welcome lingo. I applaud Piperlime for making welcoming me to their mailing list with a smart, sassy and sunny subject line. Yesss… I made the list! Hopefully if the email recipient is a man, they have a personalized and tailored welcome email for him. If I were a man I would probably feel different about the snake leather four inch high heel. AgilOne’s self-learning algorithms would intelligently help tailor each welcome to each individual customer based on their online browsing.

The winning thrill

There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of winning something. It gets out little hearts racing and our pulse pumping. TJ Maxx the retail store that sells designer brands at lower prices, already is a thrill in itself. You get to see how much money you are saving by seeing the original designer store price next to the reduced TJMaxx’s price tag. Due to the stores constant change of inventory, they do not offer much of an online ecommerce store, but they do offer a robust set of emails to keep you in the know on what’s going on in their physical stores. Even though the below image is not of one of their emails per-se I would like to give TJMaxx honorable mention for their pop-up that offers the possibility of winning a $50 gift card if you subscribe to their emails. There is that thrill! Especially if you know that $50 can get you a fair amount of items at TJMaxx. If you are looking to grow your mailing list, this is a great way of doing so.

make people want to get your emails tjmax gift card