Top 10 Trends in Tweets from ExactTarget Connections

September 18, 2013

AgilOne at #ET13 AgilOne at #ET13

1. Personalization is hot

Rachel Modiano ‏@RachelModi1h

62% of marketers have personalization on their short list - says Forrester #et13 @igodigital 

We agree with Rachel that personalization is very important. The result is a win-win scenario – customers are offered more relevant products and services in ways that resonate with them, leading to more profitable relationships for the company.

2. Spray and pray marketers make a bad decision

Vala Afshar ‏@ValaAfshar20h

"A bad decision, with good intentions, is still a bad decision." Jim Collins | reminder for "spray and pray" marketers. #ET13

We agree with Vala that the era of spray and pray marketers is rapidly coming to an end. Not only is one size fits all marketing a missed opportunity to build a true meaningful relationship with your customers, customers also don't tolerate it any longer. They know there are tools micro-segment and add personalized content and relevance to each campaign.

3. Humanize your brand

Vala Afshar ‏@ValaAfshar17 Sep

In a knowledge sharing economy, it's no longer about B2B or B2C, it's people-to-people. Humanize your brand. #ET13

More wisdom from Vala. It's all about the human connection. Really listen to your customers. Really talk with your customers. It's a dialogue.

4. Predictive gives people what they want

Derek Laney ‏@derektweets17 Sep

.@smccorkle Give the people what they want, predictive analytics picks relevant content based on behaviour at #et13 #announcement

It's simple really, isn't it. Give the people what they want and you will be successful. Predictive analytics can help.

5. Teaching is always better than selling

Kyle Lacy @kyleplacy

Worry less about selling better and worry more about teaching better #et13 @jaybaer

We are huge believers in providing the community with education and knowledge - hence we write so often on this blog! Give to get. Gain trust by providing value and selling will follow naturally.

6. Mobile coupons outperform 10x 

Tracy Kunzi @tmkunzi

Mobile coupons drive 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons. #Mobile101 #ET13 #mms

We all know that mobile is huge in terms of usage, but it's also cool to see how it is winning in terms of performance. Cool stat!

7. White papers are dead

Adam Waid @adamwaid

Only 1.7% of people want to read a whitepaper over 5 pages. #et13 #et13b2b

Does anybody still read at all? I thought everybody now watches videos only.

8. Pick up the phone 

Matt Smith @mattstech

"The telephone is the most underused tool in marketing." -@msweezey #ET13

We couldn't agree more. A strategically placed call can accomplished so much. When is it worth your time. Predictive analytics can help when and what your customers want to hear.

9. Information = relationships

Kyle Lacy @kyleplacy

Relationships are created with information.. Not just people. #et13 @jaybaer

I couldn't agree more with Kyle. A personal confession here: I got to know the other parents in my kids' school a lot better after I connected with them on Facebook. Now I know what to talk about with these relative strangers. "How is the new dog ...". Rapportive does the same for me in the business world. "Cool you are raising money for cancer ...". Conversation starters.

10. How can we help?

Dayngr @dayngr

Using data effectively is about gathering preferences and asking "how may I help you?" In the digital world. #ET13

This goes with Tweet #8 very well:  picking up the phone at the right time to offer help is very powerful.

See you all next year!