Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday: What do Millennials spend on during the holidays?

August 12, 2016


"10 Mobile Statistics Marketers Will Love    .   

Mobile commerce is growing and it's a great way to link online & offline shopping experiences. Why? Because mobile is the digital device we take into the physical world.

With that knowledge, we LOVE statistics that share details on how mobile is currently affecting our retail space and how we predict it will develop. These 10 statics from Marketing Land will be helpful to keep in mind as you create your strategy. Click here to visit the article and REALLY dive into insights that accompany each stat. However to get your interest peaked, we pulled out 10 of the statistics that blew our mind :)

  1. In 2007, mobile users numbered around 400 million versus 1.1 billion desktop users worldwide,according to comScore. In 2016, IDC estimates north of 2 billion mobile users.
  2. Trends of the average time by user by channel is — digital and mobile usage are increasing and television, radio and print are diminishing.
  3. Net usage of mobile is projected to increase an aggregate one hour and 50 minutes a day (2011) to two hours and 16 minutes (2017).
  4. Facebook (77.7 percent) and Facebook Messenger (61.7 percent) are listed as the top two used apps by a wide margin, reinforces the fact that social is king on mobile.
  5. YouTube app appearing on 59.4 percent of all smartphones (with native mobile web usage probably bringing that number to closer to 85 to 90 percent) and Instagram (38.4 percent).
  6. Google’s Android continues to dominate, with 52.7 percent of the market. Apple’s iOS is the other dominant player, with 43.9 percent. Microsoft (2.5 percent) and BlackBerry (0.8 percent).
  7. While in most marketers’ minds, email is its own separate channel, more than 50 percent of emails (54 percent, to be exact) are opened on a mobile device.
  8. Mobile video advertising, accounted for close to $500 million in 2014 and should approach $4.4 billion by 2018.
  9. Mobile is the fastest-growing segment of advertising (30 percent of the $27.5 billion in global digital advertising pool in 2015, according to MobyAffiliates).
  10. “In-app” advertising, is expected to hit $17 billion by 2018


Now that you have the steps to be a segmentation master, make sure to browse the top headlines for this week!

Top Retail News & Insights

Every Friday we post top trending retail news for you and are now introducing a fun fact to help you benchmark your marketing efforts against peers. Get the articles here.


1.Hubspot: How to Use Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Marketers

Instagram is positioning this feature as a solution to overposting. Stories live in a separate space, and you can post as frequently as you want without worrying about over saturating your friends’ feeds or filling the grid on your profile page. So how do you build a Story? And what does this mean for your strategy? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

2. Hubspot:  The Future of Social Video: A Brief Look Into What's Next [Infographic]

From the instant popularity of Facebook Live videos to Instagram increasing their video length from 30 to 60 seconds, marketers are using the power of video to communicate their business' personalities and brand stories, to express creativity, and to build emotional connections with fans and followers. And it's working: 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, according to a research report from Adobe. And over 60% of marketers plan to increase their investment in video over the next year. Right now, video is performing incredibly well on social media. So where is it headed during the rest of 2016 and beyond?

3. The Retail Doctor:  What Good Is Big Data If You Don’t Use It To Boost Conversion Rates?

When I was working with a franchise startup, we were seeking a POS system that could grow with us. The winner had multiple reporting capabilities.Our thought was, the more information, the more reporting a franchisee could do to thoroughly understand what was happening in their business. When we rolled the system out to new franchisees, many were overwhelmed with the 500+ possible reports. Here's how you fix this rotating circle...

4. MarketingProfs: Tips for Effectively Geotargeting Your Subscribers [Infographic]

"Take advantage of timely events," suggests Campaigner. "Use upcoming events in a particular location as a trigger to develop localized marketing campaigns." You can use those events to keep your brand top of mind and be part of an ongoing conversation with your customers.

"Create geo-targeted emails by using an image of a map in your email campaigns," recommends Campaigner. The maps can show the most popular stores nearby where your customers can redeem reward points. To find out stats and tips about geotargeting, check out the infographic.

5. AdWeek: How Nike Brilliantly Ruined Olympic Marketing Forever

The IOC has zealously guarded its trademarks for decades, of course, but if there was one tipping point, it happened 20 years ago, during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. And on July 29, 1996, two pieces of history were made—the athletic kind and the marketing kind. But have you ever wondered how those rules got so ridiculously tight?


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