Predictive Marketing News & What We're Reading This Week: eCommerce Creates Catalogs, 'Smart Malls' Enhance Shopping, Ethics & Customer Privacy

March 27, 2015


Trouble keeping up? No problem! Here are the top 5 stories for the week of March 23rd:


HuffPost BusinessWhy E-Commerce Companies Are Creating Catalogs
In the age of digital media, where consumers are plugged in, tuned out and engaging in high-speed comparison-shopping at the click of a mouse, ecommerce and social media is fresh and exciting while traditional print catalogs are un-responsive, costly and old-school, right? So why are ecomms hopping on the catalog bandwagon at a rapid clip? [more]


AdAgeCan Data Save the Mall? 'Smart Malls' Turn to Data Troves to Enhance Shopping Experience
The misfortune of the mall has been well documented -- according to a Green Street Advisors report, since 2010, more than two dozen enclosed shopping malls have been closed and another 60 are ready to follow. But top-quality malls, like many of those operated by Simon and General Growth Properties, are doing well -- both reported higher sales in 2014 -- and are hoping to continue that trajectory with some high-tech help. [more]


eWeekBig Data, Customer Privacy Top Challenges for Marketers
62% of marketers feel overwhelmed by the volume data while 85% can't extract the full value. Customer experience optimization is becoming an increasingly critical discipline as organizations enter a new era of marketing, according to a survey of more than 600 companies worldwide by Econsultancy and Ensighten. [more]


HuffPost TECHHow Retailers Can Make Ethical Use of Customer Data
Retailers are constantly on the hunt for their customers' data, but all too often, the technology they choose collects information solely for the benefit of the business. Instead, retailers should use technology that provides customers with clear benefits in exchange for handing over their personal data and gives them the choice to opt in versus having their data captured and used without their permission. Below, find some helpful lessons to help you stay on the correct side of the customer privacy line. [more]


FortuneHow Walmart will get you to order your groceries online
In a bid to get more customers to use its online grocery ordering service, Wal-Mart is offering a discount of $10 on shoppers’ first order of $50 or more at some stores. This isn’t an online delivery system; instead, you order online then go pick up your order in the store. In Bentonville, the pickup location is a standalone grocery pickup store, separate from a regular Wal-Mart. [more]