Fun Fact Friday & Retail News This Week - 37% of digital carts are made via mobile!


37% of digital carts are made via mobile!

Mobile devices are the magic channel that is top of mind for retailers in 2016. They can bridge the gap between...

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AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot: Health and Beauty Industry Insights

The Health and Beauty consumer is unique. Unlike fashion or home goods, health & beauty items run out, expire and need to be reordered. Customers trust certain brands, but...

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Interview With Arif Damji of 500 Friends on the Future of Retail

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending IRCE in Chicago. While we were working the booth and roaming the massive exhibit hall, we ran into some of our amazing...

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Marketing Mishaps: McDonald's and Lemonhead Reveal The World's Most Terrifying Mascots

At AgilOne, we've discussed the idea of having our own adorable mascot. I'm sure many of your companies have either had their own mascots or considered the possibility. Mascots...

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Five Reasons Your Content Isn't Going Viral [Infographic]

As marketers and content creators, one of our greatest hopes is that something we create will go absolutely viral and blow up the internet. Well, in all honesty, this isn’t...

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