Top Retail News & Fun Fact Friday – Top Ways To Drive Customers In-Store

"75% of shoppers are more likely to visit stores when they can find local information online"

The Top 5 most helpful local information to entice them into your store?

  • 75% –...

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AgilOne Partners & Integration

A clean, consolidated view of customer's omni-channel experience is crucial for retailers to stay competitive in 2016 and beyond.

Many retailers struggle with siloed data sources,...

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AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot: Health and Beauty Industry Insights

The Health and Beauty consumer is unique. Unlike fashion or home goods, health & beauty items run out, expire and need to be reordered. Customers trust certain brands, but...

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AgilOne Retail Trends Snapshot: What We Learned in 2015 to Grow Your Business in 2016

What did you learn about your customers in 2015?  What is on your road-map to grow your business in 2016? We have your Retail Trends right here!

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The State of Retention Marketing: 73% of Customers Are One-Night Stands

Most marketers have resigned themselves to the transactional nature of today’s consumer and focus efforts on retargeting or – you guessed it – more acquisition. But focusing on...

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