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April 20, 2014

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Twitter to Offer Mobile Ads Beyond Twitter In Bid for Revenue

Twitter will now start serving mobile ads in mobile apps outside of Twitter. This comes as no surprise after Twitter acquired the mobile ad exchange, MoPub, in September. With MoPub, Twitter advertisers can buy mobile app install and engagement ads on thousands of mobile apps available through MoPub’s network. Some big name apps in the network include Wordpress, Tango, Songza, and OpenTable. Marketers and advertisers will now be able to participate in real-time bidding of app install and app engagement ad inventory on MoPub through Twitters ad system.

With the latest purchase of MoPub, marketers now have the ability to extend the reach of mobile ad campaigns across thousands of mobile apps. Twitter’s ad serving platform has worked well in the past, but with MoPub it gives marketers a much larger number of options in terms of where they want to deliver their mobile ads. With beta partners like Spotify, Kabam, Deezer, and GetTaxi already on board, we should start to see some helpful analytics about its success. Read the full article at Ad Age.

No, Facebook’s New “Nearby Friends” Data Can’t Be Leveraged With Ad Targeting

Facebook recently launched their new “Nearby Friends” feature that allows users to see Facebook friends that are physically near their current location. Ever since the news broke, marketers have been asking whether or not this data can be used for ad targeting. Well, it looks like advertisers won’t be able to tap into this new data for their ad targeting. As valuable as it may be to marketers and advertisers looking to deliver real-time location based offers and ads, Facebook is saying “no” for now. This doesn't mean that once Facebook has gathered enough data that they won’t decided to turn on the option for marketers.

Read the full story at Marketing Land.

Trending Topics? Google Will Now Deliver Them Right To Your Inbox

Ever wonder how long you have to browse the internet before you find the next trending story? Wonder no more. Google Trends, a webpage that shows a real-time list of the most trend worthy searches on Google, has come to save the day. Theses trends are delivered in small, digestible pieces of content that marketers can easily browse through. The best news, is that users can subscribe for notification emails with updates on the latest search trends. Users can decided whether they want a daily email, weekly, or real-time notifications as trends emerge. Not only can you get notifications on trends, you can also set alerts for any topics you want that may be trending.

Staying on top the of latest trends in search and content is one of the best ways that marketers can keep their own content relevant. News-jacking has always been an effective way for marketers to ride the wave of a particularly popular piece of news by creating content around it. Daily notifications or even real-time notifications on the latest trending topics is extremely helpful for marketers who need to blog regularly. Google Trend notifications not only keep you up-to-date on the latest topics out there, but will help you keep your readers up-to-date as well. Read the full story at Marketing Pilgrim.

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