UncommonGoods Boosts Customer Engagement with AgilOne

October 01, 2013

Online Retailer Adopts a Personalized Approach to email Marketing; Experiences Increases in email Click and Open Rates

SHOP.ORG ANNUAL SUMMIT CHICAGO October 1, 2013AgilOne, the cloud-based predictive marketing company, today announced that UncommonGoods, an online retailer that specializes in handmade, eco-friendly and uniquely designed gifts and accessories, is using AgilOne Email Edition to improve the overall effectiveness of its email marketing campaigns. UncommonGoods had AgilOne up-and-running in just a day, and within a few weeks, the retailer grew its average open rates by approximately five percent from 14 percent to 19 percent. In addition, UncommonGoods is saving money on email sends because it can suppress sending messages to its disengaged buyers.

UncommonGoods takes pride in offering unique, quality merchandise to customers at affordable prices. Given the retailer’s focus on individuality, it ditched its legacy “batch and blast” email campaign approach and adopted a highly personalized approach to win customers. To optimize email campaigns, UncommonGoods integrated its existing Silverpop platform with the AgilOne platform. Silverpop lets UncommonGoods manage email campaigns, while AgilOne provides a deeper understanding of individual customer engagement over time and allows the retailer to tailor the frequency of emails to each customer.

“As an online specialty retailer, we are always looking for new ways to provide a better customer experience and increase loyalty,” said Zack Notes, senior analyst for UncommonGoods. “We initially explored the AgilOne Email Edition by taking a free trial and quickly realized that the platform would help us show our customers that we truly understand their needs. We have already seen increased email open and click rates in the very short period of time since our official deployment began. What’s also impressive is that we can achieve these successes with a very small marketing team thanks to AgilOne’s easy-to-use platform.”

The AgilOne Email Edition uses predictive analytics to understand customer behavior, segment individuals into precise customer categories, optimize email frequency and content automatically, and help retailers drive more effective email campaigns and more profitable customer relationships. Through AgilOne’s technology, marketers not only have the ability to understand their customers better based on the massive volumes of data they collect, but they can also predict what customers will do next based on their prior behavior.

“It’s clear that one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns simply don’t work,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne. “It can be very frustrating for customers to receive marketing-related emails that don’t pertain to them. The best thing a retailer like UncommonGoods can do is to know their customer at a deep level. We are very happy to see that UncommonGoods has already had early successes with AgilOne, and we’re looking forward to helping the retailer do even more down the road.”

Zack Notes concluded, “With AgilOne, we are able to easily tell who is engaged and who is not. With the analytics capabilities the platform provides, we can then tailor campaigns appropriately. For example, we can choose to send more emails to our biggest fans that have high levels of engagement, or we can choose to offer perks and incentives to an unengaged lead that might need some extra motivation to buy. We’ve only scratched the surface with AgilOne, and we’re excited about the possibilities for the future.”

About UncommonGoods

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City, UncommonGoods is a catalog and online retailer of creatively designed, high-quality products. UncommonGoods combines the treasures of a specialty boutique, the great finds of a craft show, discoveries from a faraway bazaar, along with some enduring classics.

About AgilOne

AgilOne is a cloud-based predictive marketing application. It is used by brands including Shazam, Sports Authority, Moosejaw, ideeli, and shopPBS.org. AgilOne helps marketers connect with the individual in every customer. AgilOne prescribes exactly the right marketing offer, makes each relationship more profitable, and simplifies the science of marketing. Based on a data-scientist approach, AgilOne makes big customer data clean and smart. Then, AgilOne recommends what immediate actions to take to increase revenue. AgilOne is based in Mountain View, CA and is venture-funded by Sequoia Capital and Mayfield Fund. For more information, please visit http://www.agilone.com.

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