Using a Customer Data Platform to Enable Personalization at Scale

October 31, 2018

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Our NYC CDP Summit on October 3rd brought together top retail executives and customer data platform industry leaders. One of those industry leaders was Jason Heller from McKinsey, who gave a keynote speech about scaling personalization efforts and how a customer data platform plays an integral role.

I look at a CDP as the absolute best marketing investment you can make.” - Jason Heller, Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology, McKinsey.

When it comes to personalization at scale, Jason discussed how it boils down to using customer signals to optimize the timing, content, offer, design, and/ or journey of every customer experience at any given time. Sound daunting? It can be, but it can also drive impressive value for your company. Plus it can be made much easier when utilizing a customer data platform.

From the framework to the ongoing journey, Jason's keynote speech gave incredible detail and insights into the effectiveness of a CDP in personalization and the customer journey. If you want to learn more, check out the video recording from Jason's presentation using the button below!

Watch the Video