Webinar Highlights: How JOANN Stores Created an Omni-Channel Strategy That Puts the Customer First

Jun, 30 2017


This week we had the privilege of speaking with Steve Miller, JOANN Store's VP of Marketing and Business Development, as he joined us for a webinar with AgilOne’s Chief Product Officer, Gangadhar Konduri. It was a joy for me to work with Steve and Gangadhar on developing the content and webinar slides, and I wanted to share key moments that were my personal highlights from the webinar:

  • A customer data platform is a must-have. A customer data platform (CDP) is a critical part of JOANN’s marketing technology ecosystem. AgilOne’s CDP allows JOANN to create a single view of the customer and activate data across marketing and advertising technologies through pre-built integrations and with flexibility to meet unique business needs. Miller called a CDP the “Hub of agility for the marketer” – a perfect description for the value AgilOne provides. Here’s a picture of how AgilOne’s customer data platform operates within JOANN’s AdTech/MarTech ecosystem:


  • CDPs are separate and distinct from similar solutions. Miller and Konduri discussed the common confusion of CDPs vs. DMPs, and how a CDP is different from a CRM. (If you’re curious about the differences among these technologies, we went into this in a previous webinar with Customer Data Platform Institute founder David Raab. Our founder/CEO Omer Artun also wrote a nice piece about this on Quora.) Miller pointed out that JOANN uses a CDP, DMP, and a CRM, and all three have their place. JOANN chose AgilOne as their CDP due to AgilOne’s support for JOANN’s enterprise volume of customer data, flexible support for specific business needs, and for AgilOne’s pre-built integrations.

  • The scale of JOANN’s business is massive. When choosing a CDP, it was important to JOANN that the solution can meet enterprise demands. Here are some examples of the volumes for which JOANN required CDP support:
    • 870 stores
    • 80 million customer records
    • 20 million events every day
    • 220,000 SKUs
    • 6 billion lines of data
  • The scope of JOANN’s data is also massive. AgilOne unifies customer, event, and transaction data, creates a single customer profile, applies insights and analytics to that profile, and activates those insights across channels. For JOANN, each of these encompassed massive amounts of data. Here are some examples of the scale of data that AgilOne handles seamlessly through our platform’s horizontal scaling:
    • 3 billion transaction items and 4 billion events
    • 20 million events per day
    • 3x higher loads in transactions and events during Black Friday week
    • 10x higher loads on the heaviest Black Friday day
  • JOANN is truly bridging the online/offline divide. JOANN is leveraging integrations into AgilOne’s CDP to enable versatile use cases that encompass over 870 stores, as well as digital and mobile data. For example, Miller discussed the integration between AgilOne and our partner Euclid Analytics, which enables JOANN to capture email addresses of customers in their stores, even if customers do not purchase. Using this integration, JOANN can run store abandonment campaigns by texting or emailing a coupon to customers while they are in the store, or by following up with a browse abandon series. (We shared this use case in more detail in a recent joint webinar we did with Euclid.)
  • JOANN’s mobile app is a highly effective customer engagement tool. With several million people using JOANN’s mobile app every month, mobile is an important channel for JOANN. As such, it makes sense that 75% of JOANN’s advertising occurs on mobile. AgilOne stitches mobile ID, email addresses, web cookies, and authenticated users all together at the customer level, to enable hyper-personalized coupons on messaging for customers; for example, for customers who have not come to the store recently, or for customers who are currently in the store. Here’s a simple flow of how this works:


  • Configurability, rather than customization, enables unique use cases. I’ve talked about the importance of configurability in previous blog posts like this and this, and JOANN is a perfect example of why platform configurability is the right approach for meeting custom use cases. JOANN uses more than 300 custom attributes across the entire AgilOne platform, including entities and multiple source feeds. JOANN uses custom attributes and/or events in campaigns such as:
    • Social data based campaigns
    • Store abandonment campaigns
    • SMS reactivation campaigns
    • Pinterest/Facebook campaigns
    • Following-up direct mail with an email
  • Results speak for themselves. We recently published a press release announcing JOANN’s dramatic results with AgilOne. In the webinar, Miller went deeper into exactly how the campaigns were structured that achieved these results. For example, JOANN’s customer sign-up welcome series leveraging AgilOne’s integration with Oracle Responsys provides several paths that are relevant to a customer’s personal history with JOANN. And a reactivation series provides discounts and offers based on previous customer actions. The results of these campaigns:
    • Increased online orders by more than 150%
    • Tripled response rate for reactivation campaigns
    • Increase incremental revenue by 18% in just two months
    • …and exponential growth is expected as the program continues to develop

Here is an example of the flow from JOANN’s welcome series, which helped to provide these results:


Again, I want to extend a big thanks to Miller and Konduri for diving into JOANN’s journey with AgilOne. We’re excited about the next steps of the engagement, which will include more integrations with AdTech (including with our partner Criteo), integrating social data into AgilOne, and responding faster and in even more real-time.  

Want to watch the full webinar? We have the recording for you here.