Types of Personalization Consumers Actually Want [Infographic]

December 03, 2014

We have entered an era of personalized marketing. Everyday marketers are searching for
new ways to be more targeted, customized and relevant with their communication efforts. One of the biggest questions that marketers ask when it comes to personalized campaigns is "just how 'personal' should these campaigns be?" Considering the fact that AgilOne has personalized over 525 million consumer experiences, we wanted to learn more about which types of personalization consumers are ready for, comfortable with and already expect.

This is why we surveyed over 3,000 adult consumers in the US and UK on their shopping personalization preferences. With data showing that over 70% of consumers expect some form of personalization, it's important for marketers to gain more insight into exactly what their customers are asking for and how to best deliver that individually. To help our fellow marketers understand consumers needs, we've put together an easy to digest infographic of the data we collected.

If you're looking for the full break down of our consumer survey, you can download our full report here.

Types of Personalization


AgilOne Consumer Personalization Survey