What We're Reading This Week: Big [Customer] Data, Machine Learning and the Future

June 05, 2015


Big data, machine learning and the future.

MarketLive, the leading e-commerce technology platform for fast-growing retailers, today announced the launch of ML-360, enabled by MarketLive's Retail Data Exchange Layer, designed specifically for mid-market merchants to achieve a 360-degree profile of customer browsing and purchase behavior. MarketLive's ML-360 was developed in partnership with AgilOne, whose predictive technology empowers marketers to execute highly targeted acquisition, growth and loyalty campaigns.


Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted in 1990 that a computer would beat a human world champion chess player by 1998. In 1997, that actually happened with IBM’s Deep Blue. Since then, artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to advance rapidly, making now a good time to brush up on what is considered the next wave of highly disruptive technology.



It is a truly exciting time for retailers as they seek to capitalise on the massive changes in consumer behaviour driven by digital technology and mobile devices.



“Knowledge is power” or so the saying goes. In the era of the Internet of Things — where devices collect data every hour of every day — this statement couldn’t be truer. One company uniquely positioned to rise to the challenge of understanding all of this data is Google.



Pinterest, the online social scrapbooking service, has long claimed to help people discover new things in the real world. Soon users will be able to buy those things, too.

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