What's More Important: Brand Marketing or Predictive Marketing?

April 30, 2013

For decades marketers have debated whether marketing be more art than science or vice versa.

Today that question couldn’t be more relevant when discussing the virtues of predictive analytics versus brand experience. An article on Content Equals Money points out the dichotomy between the two, and whether the collection of  “1’s and 0’s” should win out over observation of human interaction.

Predictive Models Result in Better Marketing Decisions

The article makes good cases for both sides. Predictive analytics allows companies to make better decisions on what marketing content to run, where to run it, and who to target it to.
Predictive analytics also helps suggest products customers might like, figures out what devices to optimize your campaign for, and devises the most effective calls to action for driving sales.

But Emotions Play a Huge Part in Marketing

Nonetheless, there’s a lot to be said for human interaction. Buying a product or spending money on a service is no longer a simple transaction based on a consumer seeing an ad, deciding to fork over some dollars, and getting a physical product in return.

Thanks in large part to social networks; the brand experience is a huge component of gaining loyal customers. Predictive analytics simply can’t account for a customer’s emotional response to a video that’s gone viral.

Predictive Analytics Drive Brand Experience

While the article concludes that predictive analytics and the understanding of the brand experience should both be employed for maximum effect, I believe that the answer is both-and, not either-or. Predictive analytics can help illuminate the brand experience.

Work we did at AgilOne for a market intelligence company bears this out. With a growing business, the company was looking for a better way to deepen engagement with its clients. Through predictive analytics, AgilOne developed a system that provided clients with timely and engaging content, customized specifically for them.

If that’s not enhancing the brand experience, I don’t know what is.

(Check out case studies on how AgilOne’s cloud-based predictive marketing has helped clients better understand their customers and lift the business bottom line.)